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less stress


more relaxed



Does it feel like a daily struggle to cope with your study pressure or workload? 

Do you recognise some of the following symptoms?


Feelings of anxiety or depression

Frequent feelings of pressure and exhaustion

Endless To Do list

Sleeping problems

Inability to concentrate

Lacking motivation

Loss of confidence

Feeling lost

Increased physical tension

Less interest in social activities

Increase in bad or unproductive habits

Writer’s block and/or procrastination


Trouble meeting deadlines and difficulties organizing your work and schedules

Trouble in finding your way in a new or different culture


Positive changes

I can help you make positive changes by providing you with pragmatic and easy tools to use. Many (inter)national students, expats and young professionals have been supported already by me and it helped them to feel better and get back on track with study and or work.

Please read some of my reviews.

First session

Don't hesitate to contact me. I can give you more information and find out what you need in a first session. 




It might be a hurdle to reach out to someone who can help you in dealing with your day to day struggles and mindset. This is sometimes created because of cultural differences or close friends/family misunderstanding you and your mental health.

Less stress and more relaxed

There is nothing to be ashamed of and it will help you to reach out for support. Over 80% of young adults are confronted with the above symptoms, the sooner you act the sooner you will be in control again: Less Stress and More Relaxed.

Best regards Marjolijn

Psychologist Groningen

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