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Marjolijn is attentive and kind, she made me feel comfortable to express everything I felt and most importantly could summarize comprehensively where my issues lie. More than that; her approach is very practical and the solutions she offers are exercises that are simple and yet powerful. She gave me practical tools to manage my life and myself in a way that made me happier and more connected to myself and ultimately changed my thoughts and perceptions in a positive way.

S.T. Germany 

The sessions were really helpful to me, especially in the exam's period. In this time I was surrounded by many thougths that I couldn't visualize the real problem. Together with her, thanks to her patience and ability to understand my situation, I learnt how to deal with them and how to make myself more productive.

Strongly recommended if you are looking for help.

C.S. Italy

After struggling to find a psychologist that spoke English I was delighted to find Marjolijn.

Her English was perfect and I did not have to wait long for my appointment. After being so scared to see anyone, Marjolijn made me feel safe and heard, all in the very comfortable atmosphere of the practice.

She helped me overcome issues that I did not even realise were making my life harder, all while lending a kind ear and guiding me out of my bad habits.

I would definitely reccommend her practice to anyone.


S.I. United Kingdom

I find Marjolijn an amazing psychologist. She is very professional, but at the same time friendly, caring and compassionate, and incredibly intuitive. I think she was the voice of sanity in times of suffocating darkness and I thank her every day for that...

A.H. United Arab Emirates

In spite of the distance and the current social distancing methods, Marjolijn still made me feel heard and understood through our internet sessions. She remained professional and devoted, helping me navigate a difficult time in my life with patience, and giving me the tools to begin my journey to healing.

T. LC. France

Marjolijn is a responsible and dependable psychologist. She helps me to explore my upbringing and background so that I can realize the root of my psychological problems that bother me for years. She also gives me important and specific suggestions on my issues, guiding me to change and prepare for the future. I feel lucky to meet her!

W.N. China

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