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psychologist groningen

About me



In the past I was born and raised in Groningen. I obtained my Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology

at the University of Groningen. After living in Rotterdam, UK and Switzerland I live and work now

as a psychologist in the city of Groningen. The experience of having been an expat myself

gave me a great understanding of the challenges and problems that come with setting up

home in a foreign country with different customs and cultures. It has shaped and enriched

me as a therapist and as a person. 

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Positive mindset

After an accident in 2014, I’ve been through a process of dealing with the consequences .

In this process I have accepted new conditions where earlier obvious things changed significantly.

That has formed me into who I am today and contributed to the empathy and positive mindset

that I want to share with you.


My strength as a psychologist lies in meeting your needs and wishes. Together we look at how things have developed from both current circumstances and history. From a basis of mutual trust and alliance I work closely together with you in determining the best approach for achieving the therapy goals.                 



I can offer you practical tools to change your thoughts and perceptions in a positive way to make you feel happier and more connected to yourself. In this process I will guide and support you. I will treat you with empathy, dignity and the care that you deserve. My interactions are based on mutual respect. I prefer to have a short series of sessions with a pragmatic approach. No long sessions on a sofa, but interactive and if possible with a smile.

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