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I'm an independent psychologist. This why a referral letter from the general practitioner or mental health service is not necessary.

This allows me to provide you with the right care faster, usually within two weeks. The waitinglists for Mental Healhcare via the Insurance company are about 2 til 4 months nowadays.

A 60 minute session costs €95,-.

For AON €110. AON will cover 9 sessions after their approval.

Keep in mind that the deductible, or excess (Dutch: eigen risico) is 385,- euro and is an obligatory amount that you must pay for healthcare before your health insurer starts to reimburse.

Because it is very busy and every spot is valuable, I have a 24 hour notice cancellation policy, I charge half the normal rate if the session is cancelled too late.


If you feel that you are being careless or wrong  guided, I hope in the first instance that we can work it out together.

If we are unable to resolve the complaint, you can submit a complaint via:


Klachten- en geschillenreglement

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