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My services as a psychologist are focused on helping the International student, young professional and expat. If you have just moved to the Netherlands for your studies or work, you might face a lot of challenges. You have moved to another country with a different culture and different customs. Maybe you don't have a social network yet and you feel homesick. The pressure to perform can be high, causing a lot of stress.

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I use an integrative approach to tailor the treatment to your individual needs, taking into account your psychological, emotional, social and physical aspects. We will explore your strengths and difficulties, your sleep pattern, the balance between tension and relaxation, and your lifestyle.


My therapy sessions are based on the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Schematherapy. This is an effective evidence-based therapy for many emotional difficulties. It focuses on the relationship between your thoughts, your emotions and your behavior. It focuses mainly on the present: what you think, feel and do in current situations. This can help you to notice improvement quickly. 

If needed EMDR is helpful for trauma.


The key to change is awareness. Our beliefs are hidden under layers of social and family conditioning and this can make our thoughts and reactions almost automatic. It feels like you can’t change it, it feels like being out of control. Which is not true, you can change this and be in control!

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I can help you explore these limiting patterns, help to let them go and change your thoughts and emotions in a positive way. To step out of your comfort zone can be hard, but is rewarding: you will find yourself happier, more confident and more connected to yourself to face new challenges.


I offer treatments in both English and Dutch. A session will last for 60 minutes.

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